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Who are we?

ethos_ΣΧΕΦ (ΣΧΕΦ = o Σύνδεσμος Χριστιανών Ευαγγελικών Φοιτητών - the Association of Christian Evangelical Students) is a large cross-denominational family which is supported by graduates, staff and volunteers. We are united by the gospel, subscribing to a Doctrinal Basis which is in line with the IFES Statement of Beliefs, founded on the central truths of Biblical Christianity. 

Our aim is to encourage and support one another to live out our faith openly in and influence the student world with a Christian ethos. Our motto is "BY students, FOR students". We are an open, interactive community of students from different backgrounds - everyone is welcome! Ethos_ΣΧΕΦ is active in various Greek cities, supported by local churches and staff and volunteers of ethos_ΣΧΕΦ. Our vision is to raise up a team of students who will live and speak for Jesus in every university city. 


ethos_ΣΧΕΦ is a member of 


Where are we?

Support us!

Like all IFES movements, we rely on the financial support of gospel partners.

We are looking to create a strong support team who will pray and give so that we are able to employ and fully finance our Greek staff team.

If you want to be a part of that team, firstly THANKS!

Secondly, please follow the links below to:

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  • JOIN our mailing list for quarterly updates

  • GIVE via the ifes website

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